On the third weekend of June, on June 15 and 16, the Baltic International Airshow will take place in Liepāja for the third time, which is the largest aviation event of its kind in Latvia.

For the airBaltic Pilot Academy, participation in this festival has become a summer tradition, which will be continued this year as well. During the event, you will have the opportunity to meet representatives and students of the academy, as well as airBaltic HR staff. The Planies NFT team, known for their unique digital collectibles, will also be present. You can board and take pictures in the special airBaltic Planies NFT model, as well as participate in a raffle with the chance to win two tickets to any airBaltic destination.

Also, the newest addition to the airBaltic Pilot Academy fleet, the DA40 (single-engine) aircraft, will be on display. This aircraft, adorned with a special Planies livery, represents our commitment to innovation and creativity. The rest of the academy’s fleet will also be showcased. This time, the event will be enriched by the visit of Diamond Aircraft, which will come to show its latest achievements in the aviation industry.

During the event, we invite everyone interested in aviation to a conversation where we will introduce our training aircraft, discuss the curriculum and structure of our pilot studies, and explain the prerequisites for receiving airBaltic support. We will also address other training-related issues in detail, such as the duration of the program, the qualifications you can expect to gain, and the career opportunities that await you after graduation.

Title photo: Kārlis Miksons