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Shipping of Lithium Batteries by air Training

1 day
On request
Shipping of Lithium Batteries by air Training

Training objectives:

Upon completing this course student will have the skills to:

  • Understand the basis and applicability of the IATA DGR
  • Apply the states and operator variations
  • Perform the responsibilities of shipper
  • Identify and classify the 9 classes of Dangerous Goods including provisions of lithium batteries
  • Apply the provisions for packing, marking, labelling and documentation of shipments containing lithium batteries
  • Apply special provisions applicable
  • State the relevant emergency response and reporting procedure

At the end of the course student will make a written test.  

Passing rate: 80% Upon successful completing of test student will receive a certificate for Shipping of Lithium Batteries by air Training issued by ‘’airBaltic Training’’, which fully complies to  IATA table 1.5 A and to Category 1 according to ICAO TI table 1.5.

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