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Water Survival Training

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

PBN training is intended to provide the knowledge and competence related to RNAV and RNP operation for the different navigation specifications defined in the PBN manual (ICAO Doc. 9613).

The course can be delivered either together with Company Conversion training or separately.

Items of different PBN specifications are refreshed and reinforced during yearly recurrent training as part of Ground and Refresher and STD training and checking.

Wherever practicable, standard FSTD training events and OPCs should include departures, arrivals and approaches using any of the PBN (RNAV/RNP) specification available.

Performance-Based Navigation training course is developed in accordance with requirements of SPA.PBN.105 and CAT.OP.MPA.135 (a)(b) and ICAO Doc. 9613.

By the end of theoretical and practical training, in general terms the trainee will:

  • Know the equipment to be carried, including its operating limitations and appropriate entries in the MEL;
  • Know the flight crew composition and experience requirements;
  • Know normal procedures;
  • Know contingency procedures including those specified by the authority responsible for the airspace concerned;
  • Know the monitoring and incident reporting system
  • Know the on board electronic navigation data management
Theoretical Ground Course

Duration: 1 day (4 hours) and test (30 minutes)
Location: online (CBT)

FSTD Training (simulator)

Duration: 3 hours, including Test
Location: airBaltic Training centre, Riga