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(Human Factors) Initial Safety Training including Human Factors

(Human Factors) Initial Safety Training including Human Factors

(Human Factors) Initial Safety Training including Human Factors

Who should attend:

Personnel involved in maintenance service. This should include at least the following staff members:

  • Nominated persons, line managers, supervisors;
  • Certifying staff, support staff and mechanics;
  • Technical support personnel such as planners, engineers, technical record staff;
  • Persons involved in compliance monitoring and/or safety management-related processes and tasks, including the application of human factors principles, internal investigations and safety training;
  • Specialised services staff;
  • Stores department staff, purchasing department staff;
  • Ground equipment operators.

Summary of the Course:  The training will introduce all elements of safety management system and human factors with the intention of providing understanding of the application of safety management principles, including human factors and human performance issues, to find workable methods to improve standards and compliance, to recognize the implication of errors.


Length: 2 days

The course meets the EASA Part-145 (AMC4 145.A.30(e)) and Part-CAMO (AMC3 CAMO.A.305(g)) and covers all the topics of the training syllabus specified in GM1 145.A.30(e) and GM2 CAMO.A.305(g)

What you will learn:

  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA Part 145 A.30 and CAMO.A.305(g Safety Training Requirements
  • Gain in depth understanding regarding safety management principles, including safety culture, policy, communication
  • Familiarise with key human performance issues relevant to aircraft maintenance
  • Be able to consider human factors and integrate into key areas of aviation maintenance
  • Be able to apply operational Human Factors knowledge to maintenance error investigations
  • Be able to consider human performance limitations as well as the potential impact on the daily routine

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