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Room Rental

Room Rental

The Training Center provides modern spaces for organizing meetings, conferences, product presentations, seminars, creative workshops, and various events. The layout and equipment of the Training Center are suitable for organizing corporate events or aviation-themed team-building activities.


We offer the following rooms for rent:


A 210 m² open space


Equipped with 40 chairs, 3 standing tables, internet, projector, screen, and sound systems (microphone available for an additional fee)

  • Lyra / Orion / Aquarius:
  • Each room is 44 m²
  • Lyra + Orion rooms can be combined together, making up to 80 m² space
  • Equipped with up to 20 chairs, internet, screen, and glass whiteboard

Each room can be arranged to suit the client’s needs in theater, classroom, or meeting room styles.


To ensure the highest quality in meeting client needs, we offer center tours where client preferences and requirements are discussed.

The airBaltic Training Center is easily accessible from the center of Riga.

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