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IR(A) rating course with MEP(land)

MEP(land) VFR rating course

MEP(land) VFR rating course

The aim of the course is to obtain the privileges of the holder of a MEP (land) rating to be able to act as pilot on the class aircraft specified in the rating.

The MEP TM consists of the following segments and elements:

Theoretical Knowledge training:

  • DA40 NG AFM
  • DA42 VI (NG) AFM
  • EFIS training (G1000)
  • IR refresher training
  • FSTD training
  • Aeroplane training.

The Class Rating SEP(land) DA40 NG and the Class Rating MEP(land) DA42 VI (NG) Initial Training course program complies and outperforms minimum training modules time requirements:

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction and EFIS training

  • 05:00 hours classroom lecture for DA40.
  • 07:00 hours classroom lecture for DA42.
  • 02:00 hours G1000 familiarization.
  • 01:00 hours of Final Theoretical Knowledge Examination MEP(land)

FSTD training:

Not Applicable.

Aeroplane Pre-Flight Inspection and Air exercises in accordance to the prescribed program:

  • 3 sessions / 05:00 hours of Aeroplane training including briefing/debriefing for DA40.
  • 5 sessions / 06:00 hours of Aeroplane training including briefing/debriefings for DA42 of which 02:30hrs will be dual flight instruction under normal conditions of multiengine aeroplane operations, and not less than 03:30hrs will be dual flight instruction in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques.

Training duration: 2 weeks / Validation period: 1 year

Enrolment requirements:

  • PPL(A) or higher.

For MEP(land);

  • Have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on aeroplanes FCL.720.A(d)(1).
  • Hold valid Medical Certificate Class 1 and/or 2.
  • Hold a certificate issued in accordance with FCL.055 or license endorsement of at least level 4 of English language proficiency.