Start date

November 05, 2020


1 Day


200 EUR



Emergency and Safety Equipment Training

General Information:

Emergency and Safety Equipment Training Course is developed in accordance with EU-OPS Subpart N, Appendix 1 to OPS 1.1945

The course covers theoretical and practical training with mixed classroom lectures, “hands on equipment” training and practice on either a representative training device or the actual airplane.


On completion of this training, the applicant will be able to:

  •  Recognise, assess and act accordingly in different emergency situations;
  •  Find and use properly all safety equipment located on the aeroplane


1. Recent incidents’ and accidents’ review
2. Instruction on the location and use of all types of exits
3. Emergency and safety equipment location and description
4. Emergency situations
5. Security procedures
6. Practical exercises
7. Test and course evaluation

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Course dates

November 05, 2020 Open
November 10, 2020 Open


Emergency and Safety Equipment Training