Aircraft Ground De-icing / Anti-icing Procedures (Basic and Recurrent)

Understand De-icing/Anti-icing operations as required by existing SAE standards and recommendations, aircraft manufacturer’s requirements, perform practical de/anti-icing assessment.

Who should attend:

DI-L10     De-icing Vehicle Driver

DI-L20    De-icing Operator ( Sprayer)

DI-L30    Supervision of De-icing/Anti-icing

DI-L30B  Pre- Post De/Anti-icing Inspector

DI-L80    Flight Crew ( Winter Operations)

DI-L80B  ( Cabin Crew (Icing Awareness)


What you will learn:

  • Common standards, regulations and recommendations
  • Basic knowledge of airplane performance
  • Terms and definitions, used in de/anti-icing procedures
  • Conditions which can lean to the formation of ice on the airplane
  • Effects of frost, snow, ice and slush on airplane performance.
  • Airplane in general and common critical areas
  • Basic characteristics of airplane de/anti-icing fluids, including causes and consequences of fluid degradation, fluid remaining on surfaces, and dried and/or rehydrated residues
  • General techniques for removing deposits of frost, ice, slush and snow from the airplane surfaces and for anti-icing
  • De/Anti-Icing procedures in general and specific measures to be performed on different   airplane types.
  • Airplane Contamination Check, Post De/Anti-icing Check, Pre-take off check, Pre-take off contamination check of the airplanes
  • De/Anti-icing equipment and facilities operating procedures
  • Personal Safety Precautions and Human Factor.
  • Local Emergency Procedures.
  • Environmental considerations, e.g. where to de-ice, spill report, hazardous waste control
  • Fluid application guideline tables and limitations. Interpretation of Holdover Time tables
  • De-icing/Anti-icing Codes and Communication procedures.
  • Knowledge of the English language concerning de/anti-icing procedures and communication
  • Types of De/Anti-icing fluid quality check. Fluid handling
  • Local rules and restrictions. Airport operational procedures.
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the persons, involved in de/anti-icing operations.
  • De-icing coordination procedures in general

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Course dates

December 16, 2018 Closed
September 09, 2019 Closed


Aircraft Ground De-icing / Anti-icing Procedures (Basic and Recurrent)