Start date

August 31, 2020


50-60 days


Upon Request


2 seats available

Flight Instructor Course

The course is designed to train the applicants to demonstrate the FI abilities, including briefing, flight instructions and de-briefing.

Course entry requirements:

  • Valid CPL(A) license;
  • Valid SEP rating;
  • 5h flown on SEP within the last 6 months;
  • Valid 1st Class Medical certificate;
  • English: at least ICAO Level 4.

Course content:

1. Teaching and learning theoretical instruction (instructional techniques) - 25h

  • Classroom Training, 3 Days, including theoretical exam

2. Technical theoretical knowledge instruction (technical training) - 120h

  • Classroom Training, 20 Days, including theoretical exam

3. Flight instruction: FSTD training and Aeroplane training - 30h


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Course dates

August 31, 2020 2 seats available


Flight Instructor Course