Private pilot license

Allows you to fly on single engine piston (SEP) aircraft in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) as pilot-in-command (PIC) or co-pilot on aircraft in noncommercial operations without remuneration.

Private Pilot License is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot.

The course is concluded by a theoretical examination and a practical examination.

Once you complete your EASA PPL(A) training, you will get your Private Pilot License and SEP (Single Engine Piston) land qualification.

There are 2 phases in this course:

Theoretical training

  1. Theoretical instruction
  2. ATO exams
  3. Theory LBs

Practical training

  1. SEP (Dual)
  2. Progress Check 1 (before 1st Solo)
  3. SEP (Solo/PIC) Solo in vicinity of AD
  4. SEP (Dual) Advanced maneuvers and Dual navigation flights
  5. Progress Check 2 (before 1st Solo Cross-Country)
  6. SEP (Solo) Cross-country flights
  7. Progress Check 3 (before Skill Test for PPL(A))
Diamond A/C DA40 NG
Diamond FSTD (DA42-VI / DA40NG)
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