Allows you to fly on single engine piston (SEP) aircraft in visual meteorological conditions (VMC) as pilot-in-command (PIC) or co-pilot on aircraft in noncommercial operations without remuneration.

Private Pilot License is the first step towards becoming a professional pilot.

The course is concluded by a theoretical examination and a practical examination.

Once you complete your EASA PPL(A) training, you will get your Private Pilot License and SEP (Single Engine Piston) land qualification.

  •  to be at least 16 years old
  • to be at least Class 2 Medical holder
  • to be proficient in the English language (duruing the training we can advice where to do it – ICAO English Language Proficiency minimum level 4)
  •  to have sufficient knowledge of Mathematics and Physics (minimum of knowledge in Mathematics and Physics, no degree or scholarship are needed but an evaluation will be done by the Academy)
There are 2 phases in this course:

Theoretical training

  • Theoretical instruction
  • ATO exams
  • Theory LBs

Practical training (45 hours + skill test)

  • SEP (Dual)
  • Progress Check 1 (before 1st Solo)
  • SEP (Solo/PIC) Solo in vicinity of AD
  • SEP (Dual) Advanced maneuvers and Dual navigation flights
  • Progress Check 2 (before 1st Solo Cross-Country)
  • SEP (Solo) Cross-country flights
  • Progress Check 3 (before Skill Test for PPL(A))
Diamond A/C DA40 NG
Diamond FSTD (DA42-VI / DA40NG)

To apply send your CV to [email protected].