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Jet Orientation Course

Jet Orientation Course is a combination of theoretical training and  Boeing 737 Full Flight Simulator two sessions is designed to ensure smooth transition from smaller aircrafts to bigger jets.

Course is conducted by experienced airBaltic Captains / Type Rating Instructors.


Standard course consists of one day theoretical classroom trainings (8 hours) and two FFS sessions (2 x 4 hours = 8 hours, excluding briefings)

As no International Requirements regulate such training, program can be easily adjusted according to customer’s wishes, both – in terms of topics covered and length.

NB! For the graduates of our MCC Trainings we provide JOC with additional discount!

Course prerequisites:

  • MCC certificate
  • ATPL, MPL or CPL with ME IR
  • English: at least ICAO Level 4
Theoretical training
  • Aerodynamics for high speed: Mach definition, Vmo/Mmo, Buffet limits, Mach tuck-Mach trim, Dutch Roll-Yaw Damper
  • High Altitude Environment: Oxygen requirements and Human limitations, Hypoxia, High altitude weather
  • Jet engines
  • Operational: Documentation: Aircraft manufacturer books (FCOM, FCTM, QRH), Company books (OM-A,B,C,D, CDL/MEL), Operating Flight Plan examples. Cold weather operations, De/Anti-icing procedures, RVSM
  • Performance and Limitations: Airports analysis, Gross Weigh Charts, Assumed Temperature Method (ATM), Takeoff and Landing speeds
  • Systems and Automation: Air cycle machine, Electrical, Fire Protection, Fuel, Hydraulics, AFDS: Flight Director/Autopilot/Autothrottle
  • Warning Systems: EGPWS, TCAS, Wx-Radar
FFS session 1
  • Normal procedures
  • Maneuvering, turns, aircraft controllability
  • Warning system (GPWS, Stall)
  • Visual flights
  • ILS approach

FFS session 2
  • One Engine Inoperative (OEI) introduction
  • Engine failure on different stages of flight. In-flight start
  • One engine inoperative approaches and landings
  • Go-around training

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