Flight Dispatch "on-the-job" Training

airBaltic Training offers an unique opportunity to complete Flight Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer (FD/FOO) "on-the-job" training. Standard program length is 90 days (420 hours), but upon customer request the duration of training can be reduced.

Training program is developed and performed in accordance with ICAO Doc 7192-AN/857, Part D-3.

All of the instructors are active aviation industry professionals holding valid Flight Dispatch licences.

Training takes place within airBaltic Operations Control Center on a Flight Dispatcher working position.

Training pre-requirements:

  • Proven theoretical FD/FOO training OR practical experience in appropriate field
  • Minimums age: 21
  • English level- Intermediate

After the training student will have high level of following skills:

  • Basic Flight Dispatch job skills and knowledge
  • Operation Control Centre policies and proceduressss
  • Shift change / shift take-over procedures
  • Briefing / shift log
  • Ability to analyze weather, perform weather watch
  • Understanding of the effects of weather changes
  • Ability to interpret NOTAMs and the effects on Operations
  • Setting up of a flight planning parameter scenario
  • Triggering alternate aerodrome selection and airport suitability check
  • Calculating the flight
  • Reviewing route details
  • Defineing or modifying route details
  • Calculating a re-clearance flight
  • Calculating a Flight Plan (FPL) by using the reduced contingency fuel procedure
  • Filing an OFP and generating Briefing Package
  • Sending Flight Plan and updating messages to ATC and flight crew
  • FPL delays and cancelation
  • Applying terrain clearance and drift down procedure
  • Being comfortable with ATC procedure, such as filing ATC Flight Plans, flow control, delay program and re-routing, etc.
  • Ability to brief flight crew members and other flight dispatchers on operational matters
  • Analysing aircraft performance / Use of MEL/CDL items
  • Gaining knowledge related to the active interfaces between operational coordination and operational control functions (that will include introduction in to several other OCC working position as crew dispatch, aircraft technical control, etc)
  • Planing and reacting to abnormal operations such as gear down, surface contamination etc.
  • Company administrative procedure related to flight operations
  • Emergency and incident procedure


Flight Dispatch "on-the-job" Training