Security Procedures Training


General Information:

Security Training is based on EU-OPS Subpart S requirements, Regulation (EC) No 300/2008, Regulation (EC) 185/2010, ICAO Annex 17, IATA Security Manual and Regulation No 463 of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.

The course covers theoretical and practical training with mixed classroom lectures, “hands on equipment” training and practice on either a representative training device or the actual airplane.


The applicant shall:

  • Have Security awareness;
  • Know Security provisions and procedures;
  • Know how to take appropriate action to prevent acts of unlawful seizure of airplanes and to minimize the consequences of such events should they occur;
  • Know how to recognize and manage passengers who are, or become intoxicated with alcohol or are under influence of drugs or are aggressive.


1. The threat to Aviation and countermeasure philosophy
2. Statistics
3. Airport security measures
4. Preventive measures and procedures applied by airline
5. Security measures by crew on the ground
6. In- flight security measures
7. Hijacking
8. Bomb threat
9. Practical training
10. Written or computer based test

Course dates

May 22, 2017 Closed
June 11, 2017 Closed
June 26, 2017 Closed


Security Procedures Training