Senior Cabin Crew Training


Cabin Crew Conversion Training course is to acquire the type specific knowledge and skills required to act and manage emergency situations on particular aircraft type.

Cabin Crew Conversion Training course is developed in accordance with EU-OPS 1.1010 (EEC No 3922/91, Annex III) and ICAO Doc 7192, Part E-1 requirements.

It is developed for new Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Fokker 50 and Dash 8 Q400 flight attendants.

Cabin Crew Conversion Training course expected duration is 32 hours (4 days), or by special agreements.

The course covers theoretical and practical “hands on” training on equipment with mixed classroom and mock up (Multi Purpose Cabin Trainer) sessions, including fire fighting, smoke and evacuation scenarios by qualified instructors.


Cabin Crew Conversion Training course shall be completed by trainee successfully completed Initial/Basic Cabin Crew course.

Course consists of:

  • Introduction
  • General aircraft information /Aircraft configurations
  • Safety equipment
  • Operation of doors and exits
  • Evacuation slide training
  • Fire and smoke training
  • Evacuation procedures and other emergency situations
  • Crowd control
  • Pilot incapacitation
  • Passenger briefing/Safety demonstration (OPS 1.285)
  • Crew Resource Management (Appendix 2 to OPS 1.1005/1.1010/1.1015)
  • Test and closing session

Note. It is optional to get full course or separate course segments.


Senior Cabin Crew Training