Start date

September 25, 2018


6 Hours


95 EUR



Security Procedures Training

General Information:

Security training is based on, Regulation (EC) No 300/2008, Regulation (EC) 2015/1998, ICAO Annex 6 and 17, Doc 8973, IATA Security Manual and Regulation No 463 of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia.


  • Have Security awareness; 
  • Know Security provisions and procedures; 
  • Know how to take appropriate action to prevent acts of unlawful interference such as sabotage or unlawful seizure of aeroplanes and to minimise the consequences of such events should they occur. 
  • Know how to recognize and manage passengers who are, or become intoxicated with alcohol or are under influence of drugs or are aggressive.



  • Security instructions and guidance of a non-confidential nature which must include the authority and responsibilities of operations personnel.
  • Policies and procedures for handling and reporting crime on board such as unlawful interference, sabotage, bomb threats, and hijacking.
  • Preventative security measures and practical training, for initial training.


6 hours of Classroom training, practical training and computer based training.

Course dates

September 25, 2018 Open
October 29, 2018 Open


Security Procedures Training