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February 28, 2018


4 hours


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Fire and Smoke Training

General Information:

Fire and Smoke Training Course is developed in accordance with EU-OPS 1.1010, Appendix 1 to OPS 1.1010, Appendix 2 to OPS 1.1005/1.1010/1.1015.

The course covers theoretical and practical training with mixed classroom lectures, “hands on equipment” training and practice on either a representative training device or the actual airplane.


The applicant shall know:

  • How to deal promptly with emergencies involving fire and smoke;
  • The importance of identifying the actual source of fire and inform the flight crew immediately;
  • How to co-ordinate and assist when fire or smoke is discovered;
  •  The necessity for frequent checking of potential fire-risk areas including toilets and the associated smoke detectors;
  • The different types of fire classes and procedures for fire situations;
  • The appropriate type of extinguishing agents and the techniques of application including  the consequences of misapplication and use in confined space;
  • The general procedures of ground based emergency services at aerodromes;
  • How to done Protective Breathing Equipment.



1. Fire theory
2. Identification of fire and fire fighting principles
3. Crew co-ordination, assistance, communication
4. Fire prevention, detection and potential fire-risk areas
5. Procedures of ground based emergency services
6. Practical fire fighting and smoke exercises


Training must be completed during Cabin Crew Initial Safety training and afterwards on regular basis not less then once within 24 months period.


 4 hours

Course dates

February 28, 2018 Open
March 23, 2018 Open
March 24, 2018 Open
April 20, 2018 Open
April 21, 2018 Open


Fire and Smoke Training